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Forsyth Amateur Radio Club Meetings

The Forsyth Amateur Radio Club (FARC) meets the second Monday of each month in the bottom level of the Red Cross building at 690 Coliseum Drive in Winston-Salem, N.C. A clickable map showing the club monthly meeting location is found to the right. Click on the map for a larger image.

Meetings start normally at 7:30pm, but meeting attendees are encouraged to arrive early, have some "eyeball" QSO's and to get a good seat.

News on Meetings and Events

Webmaster Note: A lot of changes are being made to the club website. Be sure to ALWAYS do a refresh when you visit this website.

FARC Club Member Meeting
Monday, October 14

Topic: Basic Soldering Techniques by Harold Richardson--N4HER

Harold Richardson-N4HER will be presenting easy and practical soldering techniques. The program will deal with basic soldering needs that amateur radio operators might use to maintain their Ham Shack. The program will include Basic Safety, Recommendation of Hand tools, Recommendation of Special Tools, Soldering Iron Selection, Solder Joint Preparation, Soldering the Connection, Cleaning the Connection and Inspecting the Connection. There will be a demonstration on making a good solder connection to include Wire to Wire, Wire to Terminal Lug, Wire to Circuit Board and the installation of a PL-259 on RG-213 Cable. Then there will a hands-on section for anyone to try their hand at soldering or making a connector installation. There will be four stations setup with a 40 Watt soldering for use by participants.

Below is a link to download the powerpoint file of Harold's presentation. Harold will continue to improve the content of this file. Check back from time to time and re-download the file to make sure that you have the most current version!!

Note that Quicktime player may be needed to correctly play the video that is in slides 27, 30, and 35. If the video does not play correctly, just download the mp4 files in the links below and the default video player on your pc, tablet or phone should correctly play the mp4 video file.


As an alternative, below is a link to a pdf version of the powerpoint presentation. You will need to download the video files below to correctly see the content of slides 27, 30, and 35!


Below is a link to download the video from slide 27 that is in the powerpoint.


Below is a link to download the video from slide 30 that is in the powerpoint.


Below is a link to download the video from slide 35 that is in the powerpoint.


The latest club newsletter can be found at the link below:

October 2019 Newsletter

Video of Current and Past Meetings

Our live W4NC video capability for meetings is working for our club second Monday night meeting each month. Meetings start at 7:30 pm.

You can click on the W4NC Live Video button to your left to view the monthly meeting or to view some past members meetings. Be aware that the video and/or audio of some past meetings is iffy. Past meeting videos and other info can also be accessed on the "Past Meeting and Event Info/Downloads" tab in the listing of tabs to the far left.

You may also need to click on the "VIDEOS" Youtube subtitle between the "HOME" and "PLAYLISTS" to bring up all of the club videos.

We have greatly improved the quality of current meetings. A big "thank you" goes to several people who have contributed to getting this done.

Henry, W2DZO got most of the details worked out, Don, WS4NC, helped with the audio. But somebody has to actually produce the programs. That has fallen to Pedro, WK4GKY. Be sure and thank him for his efforts.


2019 Octoberfest Hamfest of the Forsyth Amateur Radio Club. Mark your calendars!!!!!

Hamfest Date and Time: Saturday, October 12, 2019 from 7 am to Noon

Hamfest Location: Robinhood Road Baptist Church at 5422 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem, NC

A map of the Hamfest location is in the clickable link below:

  • 5422 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem, NC

  • There will be vendors, lots of door prizes--must be present to win, lots of parking, a large outdoor tailgating area, complimentary coffee and donuts for the early birds and more!!! So come on down and join us!!

    Admission is $5 per person. Table info and much other information is available on the flyer below.

  • 2019 Octoberfest Hamfest Flyer

  • There will be move in assistance for Inside Vendors with a Friday load-in from 5pm to 6:30pm and starting at 6:30am Saturday.


    Training dates have been announced for upcoming EOC NCS and EMCOMM 101 Courses. Click on the Auxcomm - ARES Training tab to your left.

    ***** IMPORTANT *****
    New Club Phone Number

    We have a new phone number!!!! 336-930-W4NC
    Many Thanks to Jerry Minor--K4GW for his work on getting this done!!!

    Tentative Listing of Future FARC Meeting Topics and Events. Look further down for business meeting date and location.

    Saturday, October 12: FARC Hamfest!!! Note that this is a different date from previous years!!!

    Saturday, October 14: FARC Member Meeting. Presebtation Topic: Soldering Techniques by Harold Richardson-N4HER

    Monday, October 21: FARC Business Meeting at 66 Pizzeria

    Monday, December 9: FARC Holiday Dinner!!! Dinner will start at 6 pm, MiPueblo on 644 S. Stratford Road in Winston-Salem

    Saturday, January 11, 2020: FARC Firstfest Hamfest!!!

    Forsyth Amateur Radio Club Business Meeting

    Meeting Date: The next FARC Business Meeting will be Monday, October 21, eating at 6:30pm, meeting typically starts around 7:30pm

    Meeting Location: Sixty Six Pizzeria located at 3440 Frontis St, Winston-Salem, NC

    The Forsyth Amateur Radio Club has a business meeting each month (except December) to discuss and plan for upcoming club events. Attendees who will be eating normally get there about 6:30pm and the business meeting starts at 7:30pm.

    The business meeting is an open meeting and all club members are welcome to attend. Topics covered include club equipment needs, hamfests, meeting topics, repeater updates, ARES reports and much more. Please feel free to attend!!

    PDF Listing of Upcoming Regional Events and Other Club Meetings

    Below is a link to an extract from the most recent FARC newsletter of upcoming regional events on amateur radio, hamfests and other club news. Many thanks to Don Edwards-WS4NC for gathering and organizing this info.

  • Amateur Radio Regional News
  • Science Net on 147.315

    Science Net--Note from Dr. Robert Meier-AA9AU below:

    Please join us every Tuesday 8p on K4GW 147.315-(100.0) to discuss new and/or interesting developments in science and science fiction. From amateur to expert there's something for everyone. Each week has a five-minute "Back to Basics" presentation on some subject, and the latest speculative news in science. In between, attendees ask questions to be answered immediately or researched for answer next week. Everybody, including you, knows something. Lurkers welcome. Bring your interest.

    Technical Discussion and Project Building Group Meetings

    This is of interest to FARC members and non-FARC members. There is a Technical Discussion and Project Building Group that meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at the Miller Park Community Center at 400 Leisure Lane in Winston-Salem. Meetings are held for those interested in exploring and building various types of electronic projects. There is a lot of show-and-tell as well as technical discussions on many topics. For more information, Steve Patterson-WA3RTC may be contacted.