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Forsyth Amateur Radio Club Meetings

The Forsyth Amateur Radio Club (FARC) meets the second Monday of each month in the bottom level of the Red Cross building at 690 Coliseum Drive in Winston-Salem, N.C. A map showing the club monthly meeting location is found to the right. Click on the map for a larger image:

Meetings start normally at 7:30pm, but meeting attendees are encouraged to arrive early, have some "eyeball" QSO's and to get a good seat.

Watch the Video of the Meeting via W4NCLive!!

W4NC continues to experiment with a "Live Meeting Video Feed" over the Internet! To follow our Live Stream Meetings - Click the W4NCLive logo to the right!

Videos of some past meetings can be found by clicking on the "Past Meeting Videos" button to the left. Some other videos and info from prior meetings can be found on the "Past Meeting and Event Info/Downloads" tab in the listing of tabs to the far left.

News on Upcoming Meetings and Events

Adventures from KG4-Land and Equipment Auction at the Monday, March 12 FARC meeting

Monday, March 12--Adventures from KG4-Land and Equipment Auction!!!

This promises to be a great meeting. Raja Chatterjee-KB6MT/KG4AC and Henry Heidtmann-W2DZO/KG4HH will give a great program on Guantanamo Bay!!

There will be an auction of some radio gear at the meeting! Info below on equipment and starting bid.

The equipment is from a local ham who recently made a generous donation of amateur radio gear to the club. Included are new and used pieces. The FARC Board of Directors has decided to place these items up for quick auction. The list of equipment with starting bid is below.

Bring cash and your checkbooks!

After the meeting any unpurchased items will be sold online. Note that all equipment is sold as is with no warranty implied.

ICOM IC-751 HF Transceiver - USED - $250
ICOM PS-20 Power Supply 110 volt- USED -$50
ICOM IC-211 2m Xceiver-USED- *Has a tuning problem, maybe the offset?- check 110 OR 220 setup $100
ICOM IC-2A 2m handheld -USED- Battery pack is old, and not holding charge. $5
ICOM IC-AT500 Tuner – NEW- check 110 or 220V $500
ICOM IC-2KL Linear -NEW- check 110or 220v $1000
ICOM IC-EX1 Extension Terminal- NEW- $20
ICOM IC-RM2 Remote Controller- NEW- $20
ICOM IC-HP1 Headphones -USED- $5
ICOM IC-SM5 Microphone – USED- $20
KENWOOD SW-2000 PWR & SWR Meter – USED- $60
DIAWA CNW-419 Tuner -USED- $60
DIAWA LA-2030 2m booster -NEW- $20
DIAWA CS-201 Coax Switch – NEW- $5
DIAWA CNW-917 2m & 6m Tuner -USED- $20
DIAWA DA-200 2m mobile Antenna – NEW- $10
TONO 2m-906 VHF Linear- NEW- $20
JIL SX200 Scanning Receiver -NEW- **Looks like a condenser has leaked at back? $20
FC500 Frequency Meter - NEW- $20
SAGANT MT-240X Multi-antenna system 10-80m – NEW- $40

Forsyth Amateur Radio Club Business Meeting

Meeting Date: The next FARC Business Meeting will be Monday, 19 February, eating at 6:30pm, meeting starting at 7:30pm

Meeting Location: Sixty Six Pizzeria located at 3440 Frontis St, Winston-Salem, NC

The Forsyth Amateur Radio Club has a business meeting each month (except December) to discuss and plan for upcoming club events. Attendees who will be eating normally get there about 6:30pm and the business meeting starts at 7:30pm.

The business meeting on Monday, the 19th of February will be at the Sixty Six Pizzeria located at 3440 Frontis St, Winston-Salem, NC.

The business meeting is an open meeting and all club members are welcome to attend. Topics covered include club equipment needs, hamfests, meeting topics, repeater updates, ARES reports and much more. Please feel free to attend!!

PDF Listing of Upcoming Regional Events and Other Club Meetings

Below is a link to an extract from the most recent FARC newsletter of upcoming regional events on amateur radio, hamfests and other club news. Many thanks to Don Edwards-WS4NC for gathering and organizing this info.

  • Amateur Radio Regional News

  • Technical Discussion and Project Building Group Meetings

    This is of interest to FARC members and non-FARC members. There is a Technical Discussion and Project Building Group that meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at the Miller Park Community Center at 400 Leisure Lane in Winston-Salem. Meetings are held for those interested in exploring and building various types of electronic projects. There is a lot of show-and-tell as well as technical discussions on many topics. For more information, Steve Patterson-WA3RTC may be contacted.