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Information on some recent past meetings is available in the clickable links below. The link may be a direct download of a meeting video or it may be a link to a pdf file of meeting information with clickable links to files, pictures or videos that can be downloaded or viewed.

Video files may be large and may take some time to either view online or to download and save to view offline.

Note that files are arranged in reverse chronological order with the most recent being at the top

**** Details of available meeting downloads are below the presentation title with download links in red font ****

May 14, 2018--Getting Connected with Digital. Presentation by Harold Richardson-N4HER

2018 Get Connected with Digital by Harold Richardson-N4HER

Powerpoint from the Presentation

April 9, 2018--GO-KIT and GO-BOX and Preparing for Emergencies. Presentation by Harlan Cobert-W1HRC

2018 GoBox, GoKit, Emer. Prep.

ARES Go-Kits Checklist

March 19, 2018--KG4 Land GITMO. Presentation by Raja-KB6MTH/KG4AC and Henry-W2DZO/KG4HH

2018 KG4 Land

February 2018--JT-65 and FT-8. Presentation by Brian Cave-AB4BC

2018 JT-65 FT8

January 2018--FARC Show and Tell Night!!!

2018 Show and Tell

September 14, 2015--DX-Antennas. Presentation by Charlie Kluttz-W4TMR and Gene Bowman-WB4MSG

2015 DX Antennas video download