Open House

The Forsyth Amateur Radio Club (FARC) would like to invite you to participate in our next Open House at our new shack.  Details of the location are listed below.  The Dates are November 19th and 20th which correspond to the annual ARRL Voice Sweepstakes, one of the most fun and popular contests of the year. Everyone who comes is encouraged to “work” the contest as much or as little as they please.  Don’t worry if you’ve never worked a contest before or even if you don’t have any on the air experience.  That’s one of the reasons for the open house.  We will have plenty of experienced operators there to help.  We will have 2 full HF stations on the air simultaneously. Details about the contest can be found at

The objectives of the Open House include:

1.   Showing off our new station.  The New Space Committee and other volunteers have put many hours and a lot of sweat equity into building a world class station.  While we still have work to do, we are very proud of the results so far and would like FARC members and others to see the results.

2.   Fellowship with other club members, non-member hams and members of the community.

3.   Providing a learning experience for hams and potential hams who are interested in learning more about the hobby, good operating practices, contesting and any other aspects of the hobby.

4.   And of course, have fun enjoying out great hobby.

As mentioned previously, no prior experience is necessary and your class of license is not important as we will pair you with appropriately licensed hams.  The actual contest runs from 4:00 PM Saturday to 10:00 PM Sunday.  We anticipate that we will have members at the shack from about 1:00PM Saturday through the end of the contest on Sunday.  The club will provide refreshments during the weekend.

Our shack is located at the Red Cross Facility

650 Coliseum Dr NW
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

We will have our special door bell on the front door so we can admit visitors any time.