Winter Field Day

Time to break the winter doldrums with Winter Field Day. The event will take place January, starting Saturday, the 28th at 1900 UTC. That’s 2 P.M. local. The event will run through the 29th at 18:59 UTC. As previously stated, the club will operate at shelter 1 at Miller Park during normal park hours! That necessitates packing up Saturday night and setting up again Sunday morning. Our go-kits will be helpful.

A Chili cookoff is in the making between Chef Boy-R-Edwards and his rival Chef Boy-R-Nicholson. Potatoes with all the fixing will be included. Expect this culinary delight mid to late afternoon.

Those who wish to help setup on Saturday, meet at McDonalds, 290 S. Stratford Rd, at 9:00 A.M. We will get our coffee, hot chocolate, and tea before heading over to the park.

The club will be operating 3-O (Oscar, for outside) with 3 radios, one on 40m, 20m, and 10m. Operators choice of ssb or cw. Logging will be on N1MM.

Dress accordingly and enjoy the camaraderie.

Winter Field Day rules can be found at