Fox Hunt Announcment

On August 19 we had an attenuator build day at Robinhood Road Baptist Church. We had a big turn out for the build. Afterward we had hamburgers with fixings! A great time was had by all.

Coming up September 30 we will have a fox
hunt using the attenuators to zoom in on the location. Previously the fox signal was too strong.  Attenuation became necessary and a great
opportunity to build something together.

For those who aren’t particularly fond of fox meat, there will be hamburgers. The location of the hamburgers will be with the fox. For those who just want to come out and eat, or those who haven’t found the fox yet, the location will be announced on 145.47 about 45 minutes before the burgers are ready. For safety reasons this is not a race. Just show up at Robinhood Rd Baptist Church at 9 AM, so everyone has the same start. Take a bearing, go to another spot, take another bearing, and head to another location, and take a bearing, and so on. We will NOT PLACE THE FOX ON PRIVATE PROPERTY. It will be somewhere public. You don’t get points for being first, just for finding the fox. All we will say it is will be miles away from Robinhood Rd. Baptist Church. How many miles? Hummmm, interesting question.