Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile Program

Do you buy stuff from Amazon? If you do there is a way for FARC to earn a little money here. Go to the Amazon Smile link below and register and select Forsyth Amateur Radio Club, Inc. Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchases to FARC. It costs you nothing more, but it benefits the club. Anything you order has to be ordered from the Amazon Smile link – if, after you register, you forget to order through the smile program it will usually remind you. Again it costs you nothing more. Amazon is supporting legal 501c(3) organizations through this program.

Amazon Smile iPhone

Amazon Smile is now supported on the iPhone Amazon app! If you make most of your purchases through your phone, you now have the option to automatically have Amazon donate a small percentage of your purchase price to the Forsyth Amateur Radio Club. Simply go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Amazon Smile’ and follow the instructions to turn it on. Please note, you will have to occasionally repeat this process every so often to keep your Amazon Smile charity selection activated. When you’re done, you’ll know it’s activated when you see ‘Amazon Smile’ in the app header! Thank you for supporting the Forsyth Amateur Radio Club!