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Hi Tim. Thanks for posting in the DMR forum. We can definitely help you to program your DMR radios. You have 2 excellent HTs. DMR can seem a bit daunting at first due to the multiple layers involved. They have made it more complex than it needs to be. However, we can help you get through it and get on the air. Do you have the required software for each radio loaded on your laptop? If you can bring it and the radios to my shack in Tobaccoville, I can help get you going. Have you signed up for a DMR ID? If not, please go to and request a free DMR ID. This is needed before any DMR programming can be successful. I am out of town this week but will be able to meet with you the following week. Please contact me directly at to arrange a time to get together. Regards and 73, Ken, K2KXK