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Hi James …… Your plan is what most new hams do. Some start with this radio:

Unlike base station/mobile radios, handi talkies are tedious to program repeaters in. Most people use this cable and free “Chirp” software to make programming easier.

To use a mag mount antenna on your vehicle, an adaptor is required.

A better long term investment would be a Yaesu brand handi talkie, but the baofeng will get you started. I would not worry with a microphone.

Later, most hams get a base/mobile 2m transceiver and an outdoor antenna for better performance. With the General license, you will soon want to operate on the HF bands, requiring another radio.

Our club is having a Christmas dinner in lieu of our normal meeting in December. You’re welcome to attend, at Mi Pueblo on Stratford Road in Winston Salem on December 13 at 6:30. A member can help with any questions you have, or, you can call me, Thanks………Sam Poindexter, NI4TG