NEW W4NC Club Loaner Program

Have you ever wanted to borrow an antenna analyzer, power supply, coax, mobile antenna, or even an HF transceiver?  W4NC is reviving and updating its LOANER PROGRAM, whereby dues paying members can borrow Club equipment for a short time.  Contact Sam Poindexter, NI4TG or any club officer with your request.  Equipment will be checked in and out via a log in the shack.  Below is a list of available equipment and maximum times out.  We have budgeted $500 in 2023 to purchase additional equipment to be available in the future*.  Please note that we must respect Club needs such as Field Day first. 


Yaesu HF Transceiver                         60 days

Kenwood HF Transceiver                   60 days

Icom 706 HF Transceiver                   60 days

Power Supplies                                  60 days

10 Meter Vertical                              60 days

MFJ Antenna Analyzer                    Two weeks

Potato Gun*                                      Two weeks

Coax                                                  60 days

Mag Mount VHF-UHF antenna*      30 days