The Forsyth Amateur Radio Club looks forward to seeing you on April 13th for our SpringFest. Take this opportunity to catch up with old friends or to meet new ones. The Vagabond Net group will be well represented so plan to attend.

For vendors, we will have load in from 3pm to 5pm on Friday the 12th or Saturday morning at 6am.

We will once again be utilizing the smaller meeting room on the other side of the building and there will be more tailgating space available. There is also a covered area in the back of the parking lot for tailgating in the event of inclement weather of which we will not speak.

There will be coffee and light snacks.

We will have a member’s table(s) so if you have something you would like to move along, bring it after putting your call and phone number on it.

Doors open at 7am in spite of the flyer saying 6am.

Questions or comments to hamfest@w4nc.com

Let’s stay RadioActive!!