POTA (Parks on the Air)

Getting Started with POTA

Parks on the Air® (POTA) started in early 2017 when the ARRL’s National Parks on the Air special event ended. A group of volunteers wanted to continue the fun beyond the one-year event, and thus, POTA was born.  so we highly recommend checking out the information there. In general, the POTA program is designed for Hams to have fun both by Hunting (working stations in parks from your home or mobile stations) and Activating (setting up a station at a designated park and working Hunters or other Park Activators.  General information about the program is available at parksontheair.com,  The other major Website for POTA is www.pota.app where you will see all the current activity and start your activation.

FARC has a complete POTA station available for all members in good standing to borrow for any activations.  The following link is a Quick Start guide to the W4NC POTA station.  Please read it carefully and also check out the Appendix which is an equipment list.  Above all, have fun Hunting and activating.  If you have any questions or need assistance in your first activation (and we all did), contact Ken K2KXK, via his email on qrz.com.  To arrange for borrowing the station, contact our loaner coordinator, Sam NI4TG