Field Day 2023

Field Day 2023, June 24, 25 by Dave, N2AW

Winter weather is passing. Crocuses and Dogwoods are blooming, the robins are returning. It is the time of year when inquiring minds turn to…..Field Day. Yes, I said Field Day. Only a few short months away. Time to start

Thanks to the participation of all our club members and the extra special efforts of the 2022 Field Day Committee, we had an exceptional 2022 Field Day.
At 9A, only 4 clubs in the entire U.S. of A. had more stations on the air and only one club had more participants score. That doesn’t include our score
of 12,526. Overall, a very impressive Field Day.

Now is the time to volunteer for the 2023 Field Day Committee. There are plenty of assignments to champion. More than last year. Even if you are not able to champion a task, being able to answers calls for assistance and to help with the heavy lifting, is a major help.

We encourage individuals to sign up. If you cannot make the club
meeting or the business meeting, you can also sign up by contacting me at
n2awe.ham <at> gmail <dot> com.

The committee’s first Zoom meeting will be in April. Committee members should get a reminder of the meeting a couple of days prior, as well as a copy of
the meeting notes a couple of days after. Show up even if you don’t get the notice. The first notice also serves as a verification of committee member’s
email addresses. If an address error has been made, we will make correction.

The first meeting will be an organizational meeting. Questions asked and answer will include how many stations we will run, who will oversee what tasks, etc. I am sure there will be other items discussed. I am
looking forward to working with everyone.